Practical advices and guidelines

Practical advices to prepare your Powerpoint presentation

  • Keep the design very basic and simple. It shall not distract
  • Use a simple and readable font like: Times New Roman, Garamond, Verdana or Helvetica
  • The font size used must be at least 32 points
  • Consistently use the same font face and sizes on all slides
  • Colors used must be sober
  • Make a brilliant choice: match colors for design and good contrast to highlight your message
  • If you want to play with colors, keep it easy on the eyes and always keep good contrast in mind
  • Do not use a dark background, a plain and light background is recommended
  • Keep your pages simple, sober and uniform
  • Avoid dark animations, sound transitions and visual effects

  • The invited presentation are usually 20 minutes long followed by 5 minutes question period
  • The presentation selected from abstract are normally 12 minutes long + 3 minutes question period

Poster guidelines

  • Poster board dimensions: 3ft (1m) width x 3ft (1m) height
  • There are two ways to construct your poster:
      1- As a single sheet of paper
      2- By using multiple 8.5 by 11 pieces of paper as poster units
  • Your poster will have a heading consisting of (1) the poster title, (2) author(s), (3) affiliation(s), (4) city and (5) country
  • Your poster can use text, graphs, and figures to describe your work
  • Any necessary equipment for attaching the sheets to the board will be available near the poster location. Please use only the provided materials in order not to damage the panels and enable a smooth removal afterwards