Year Speaker Title
2015 Paul McKellips
Paul McKellips
The Miracle
2014 Brian Nosek
Scientific Utopia: Improving Openness and Reproducibility in Scientific Research
2013 Alan Bernstein
My life as an RNA molecule
2012 Joseph Gall
Carnegie Institute of Science
Revisiting Lampbrush Chromosomes
2011 Peter Moore
Yale University, USA
How We Got Here: an Informal History of the Structural Biology of RNA
2010 Paul Myers
University of Minnesota, Morris
Communicating science to a fickle public
2009 Jack Szostak
Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital
Designing Life
2009 Phillip Sharp
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Ribonucleotides in Life
2009 Alexander Rich
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
The Era of RNA Awakening: Structural Biology of RNA in the Early Years
2008 Karla M. Neugebauer
Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics
Women in Science